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president's newsletter

Welcome back to a new school year. I hope you had a great summer. Thank you all for volunteering for this fantastic program. You will bring a lot of happiness to the children, as well as the only opportunity for a lot of kids to explore art: its history, artists, techniques, and hands-on mediums -- all while they're having fun!

NEW DOCENTS: The first thing you have to do is attend General Training. At General Training, you'll learn the elements and principles of art, as well as some classroom management techniques. You cannot present Art Vistas without this required training. You only attend this training once.

ALL DOCENTS are required to attend the Grade-Level Training for whatever grade(s) you'll be presenting in the classroom. Grade-Level Training occurs twice a year and covers three lessons in detail: you see all the prints that you will be presenting, as well as a demonstration of the hands-on projects. Curriculum is constantly evolving so it's important for all docents to attend. It's amazing how much you'll learn from these trainings and how much more comfortable this knowledge will make you feel during your presentations. You'll get more valuable classroom management tips here, too.

General Training is done in the Union School District Office board room, on the corner of Los Gatos-Almaden and Union. Our Grade-Level Training will be held in the Art Vistas office, which is in the maintenance yard behind the District Office. To get there, drive down the hill and park. We're in the building closest to Union Ave, next to the big roll-up door.

Thank you again for volunteering. Soon you'll be hearing smiling faces ask, "Are you here for Art Vistas?" What a great way to participate in your child's education!

training dates

Please see the Calendar for information on specific training dates, meetings, art shows, and other events.

General Training:
Required for all new docents.

Grade-Level Training:
You need to attend twice during the year to cover all 6 lessons.

Two General Meetings will be scheduled during the school year. The calendar will be updated with these dates once finalized . General Meetings are open to all docents and are art-related; your Head Docent will be in touch with the details.

Union elementary schools are on a set schedule for the rotation of the print portfolios, so it is vital that docents schedule their presentations in advance with teachers and their fellow docents. Your Head Docent(s) will inform you of the rotation dates, and all other matters specific to your school.